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DIY: Marinara Sauce from Scratch

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This May, our little niece gave us six little roma tomato plants. My wife and I were inspired to dedicate a portion of our summer to grow tomatoes in our back yard. It only took three months of water and love to cultivate over 100 tomatoes.  Today, we used about 65 tomatoes to make a lovely Marinara Sauce. We wanted to share the process with you:

DIY: An Alternative to Hemming Pants

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Last week, my wife and I had a couple of dear friends over for dinner. One of our friends, brought a beautiful pair of pants with her. The pants were too long for her, but she loved the design on the hem too much to cut it off. She came up with an ingenious alternative to hemming pants, which I will share with you below: 

Maker: Michal Fierstein & Roni Yeheskel from Swift Textiles

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Swift Textiles specializes in creating handmade textiles. They silkscreen contrasting minimal geometric patterns on to fabric. The designs are both modern and earthy. All of the items they sell are very high quality and one of a kind. I was immediately drawn to Swift Textile's products and wanted to learn more about the women who started the brand. Below is an interview with Michal Fierstein and Roni Yeheskel, the makers behind Swift Textiles

Maker: William Murphy From Reign Bow Ties

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William Murphy is the creator and maker behind the brand Reign Bow Ties. I believe he is the youngest entrepreneur I have featured on (de) blog. Although young, he is very focused and has a strong sense of self. He is a fashionista on a mission. I was very impressed with all he has accomplished at such a young age. Read his story below: 

Maker: Hassan Hassan From RNDM Designs

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I met Hassan Hassan when I was studying abroad in Egypt. As the Egyptian Revolution erupted, so did the Egyptian art scene. I was fortunate enough to exhibit my work along side his at the 2011 "Pulse" art exhibition in 6th of October City, Egypt. His drawings are filled with social commentary. Now that I'm back in the states, I've watch Hassan's work grow on social media. It is so fitting that he and his business partner have launched their own creative business, RNDM Designs. Read Hassan's story below: