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Hi! Thank you for stopping by. (de) Blog is the place I share stories and ideas about the handmade small business world, re-enforcing the reasons why one of a kind and limited edition items are so special. (de) Blog receives an average audiences size of +3,000 visitors a month, with +4,500 page views, and has +4,000 social media followers and email subscribers. I share blog posts with an audience comprised primarily of women between the ages of 25 and 34. This community of women is strong and share similar values. They value a well crafted product. They love fine art and fashion and love getting know the designer and the process behind the product. Many of them have families, some are crafters, designers, artists and entrepreneurs themselves. 

Maker's Column Submission Guidelines:

If you hand make and sell your products, we are interested to hear about what inspired your creativity. We want to know how you put all the pieces together to start your own creative business. If you are interested in sharing your story on our Marker's Column, click here for submission instructions. 

B-Diary Column Submission Guidelines:

Maybe you are not a maker, but you started your business from scratch. We want to know your struggles and triumphs. Share your success story with your customers, and an audience of blossoming entrepreneurs. If you are interested in sharing your start up story, or a few tips for newbies, click here for submission instructions.

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