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Maker: Jen Kuroki From Jen E Ceramics

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Meet Jen Kuroki, the maker behind the brand Jen E Ceramics. Jen is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. She began her artistic career as a graphic designer. Then, certain events in her life, of which you will read more about in the interview below, turned her artist energy towards ceramics. She has been incredibly successful in both fields. When I first starting writing to Jen online, she was busy putting together a pop up shop featuring her ceramic pieces in West Elm. She also sells her products in stores all over the United States including California, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Texas and Washington. Read about how she got started below: 

DIY: Rag Doll

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If you follow me on Instagram or like my page on Facebook, you've probably noticed that I have been obsessed with making plush rag dolls recently. I love the entire process from sewing on the cute button eyes to filling each doll with raw cotton to crocheting little sweater for them. Below you I will show you how to make the body of a basic plush rag doll:

Maker: Zoui From XZOUIX

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For today's maker's post, I would like to introduce you to Zoui, from XZOUIX. This fashion designer has shown her collections internationally. Her style is ethereal, dark and edgy. In the interview below, she shares about what inspires her and how she got her start. We are also in luck, she is offering our readers a 33% off coupon code to use in her online shop. Get the coupon code after her exclusive interview below: 

Maker: Rebecca Johnson From RIYKA

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When I first stumbled upon the brand RIYKA on Etsy, I fell in love with the brand's aesthetic. Their clothes are so comfortable, neat and stylish! As I read more about the brand, I discovered that they use a combination of reclaimed, locally made or organic materials. When they use organic materials it must be GOTS certified.  

Rebecca Johnson is the co-owner and creative driving force behind RIYKA. She explains, in the interview below, that even though these fabrics are difficult to come by, they drive her passion to create timeless collections which survive fleeting trends. RIYKA's clothes dress your body and your conscience. It is an honor to feature this interview and her AW15 Collection, which will be available in shops in September. Read more below: