De Raquel Manuela

One of a kind and limited edition gifts by Raquel Manuela

Maker: Helen Rödel

MakerRaquel BusaComment

Helen Rödel is a fashion designer from Brazil. She designs fashion forward garments using very traditional techniques, such as knitting and crochet. Her work is very influential to me.  When I first started my label, I came across this documentary about her work. The documentary itself is beautiful. I love the colors, the imagery, and the narration. I was mesmerized by her values. She values a very slow labor intensive process, and she creates very small editions.

The moment in this documentary that I really relate to is when she describes what it feels like to crochet or work on a task for hours. She states "Making the pieces requires a lot of concentration, it moves so much energy. It is as if the brain was split in two. One part coordinates the handwork and the other the free flow of thoughts.... To be able to dedicate yourself to an item for many hours building and giving life with every hardship, is an exercise of patience. And patience is wisdom."