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B-Diary: Social Media Platforms

B-DairyRaquel Busa2 Comments

To be completely honest, I have started thinking about expanding my label and creating a little brick and mortar shop. I would like to open a boutique that offers my customers great one of kind and limited edition gifts from independent designers and makers. It gives me a little shock of adrenaline every time I say that out loud. I am really excited to start the process and would like to share that process with you.  

Right now I am working on my business plan, which requires a lot of research. So, I decided to start B-Diary, a new blog column about business, to share bits and pieces of my research and my epiphanies with you. 

Today, I would like to kick off B-Diary, by talking about marketing on social media platforms. Marketing is the process of making a product and communicating about that product in ways that resonates with ones business values and objectives. Over the past few months I have focused on developing my voice on social media platforms, so that I can better communicate the values and objectives of my brand. Right now, I am concentrating on marketing my products, but in the future I hope to market my shop and all of the designers it will feature. 

Recently, I listened to an excellent Pod Cast, "After the Jump" by Grace Bonney from Design Sponge. In Episode 67, she discusses how to effectively use multiple social media platforms to market your brand. I learned many valuable lesson from this episode: One, each social media platform presents information to subscribers in a different ways, therefore I should tailor how I present my information to suite each platform. Two, I do not need to reinvent myself for each platform. I simply need to offer a different slant on my business so I do not sound repetitive or wear myself thin. And finally, I learned that my business does not need to be on all social media platforms. It needs to be on the platforms that make sense with the business. 

Let’s start with Pinterest. Pinterest is my think tank. It’s where I go to brain storm and gather ideas for new products, displays, packaging, you name it. I create boards about the things that inspire me, like color schemes, DIY projects, and other designers. I also pin my products next to other products on the market. Pinning helps me visually plan out new projects. Followers get to see my brand develop as we share ideas. 

Instagram is where I post images of my creative process. This includes images from my everyday life that inspire me, my studio space, my tools, and my process. Instagram allows me present strictly visual information to followers. Through photographs, followers can get an inside peek of the process behind making my products. 

I use my blog to provide customers and subscribers with a more detailed look at my creative process. I write four columns: Makers, DIY, Events and now B-Dairy. With each post I try to reenforce why buying handmade, limited edition and one of a kind items is so worth while. Blogging is a great way educate customers about the industry, but also a great way of to provide customers with free resources and activities. 

Facebook is the place where I highlight posts from other social media platforms. On Facebook, I can use text, images, links and videos, which really allows me to share information form other platforms. My Facebook page is the place to visit, if you want a glimpses of everything I am doing, from inspiration to process to the detail of a finished product.  I  also use Facebook to create event invites and giveaways.

I use Mail Chimp to send out a monthly emails to subscribers, highlighting popular products and blog posts, or simple send a quick note to customers. 

I understand that people are different. Each person may love one social media platform over the other. I like to provide my customers with different ways to stay updated. But these platforms are also a great research tool. They have helped me discover new blogs, shops and makers. Social Media is a great way to research, network and of course market!