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Art In The Park: The Real Flower

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Tomorrow, I be at Art The Park, a celebration of art, music and dance at Straus Park in Manhattan. I will be there with a new series paintings and it would mean the world to me if you were there.

Some one once told me that art could not be personal. It should be transcendent. I don't want to be charged with the burden of helping elevate humanity to a new plane of understanding. I simply want to create something beautiful. I wanted to create something that reminded me of a humble and peaceful memory. My wife, my best art critic, added very clearly that she did not want to see anything pretentious. She wanted to me to create something full of honesty and love and in that she would find beauty. 

So, I went on a run to think about what it was that I was to create. I came upon some weeds. Purple clovers, queen's lace... They all reminded me of my childhood. They reminded me of a very peaceful time when life stood still, except for a gentle breeze now and then. 

I took the flowers home. I wanted to represent them as they were. I didn't want a drawing. I didn't want an abstracted representation. So, I placed each one in my scanner and photocopied them onto watercolor paper. Then I painted on each print. In some of the paintings you can still see the printer lines. It's as if the printer itself were painting with me. The lines are like brush strokes reminding the viewer of how the piece was created. Reminding the viewer of the beauty of the real flower. 

These will be on sale at Art in the Park on Tomorrow from 10 to 5pm.