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DIY: Toothpick Flags

DIYRaquel Busa2 Comments

Last weekend, we had our family over for a cocktail party. We had plenty of appetizers and drinks, but something was missing... a little decorative accent. So, we made little toothpick flags. Making these little flags turned out to be a great conversation starter. Read how you can make some for your next party.  



Printable white sticker paper (One page makes about 70 flags)


Xacto knife  

First, select the design you would like to use for your flags. I chose a painting by one of my favorite watercolor artists, Lourdes Sanchez. On your computer, you can use Word or Pages to copy and paste the image multiple times and arrange them so they covers the entire page. Make sure to read the paper and printer instructions so that you print on the correct side of the sticker paper.

Cut the image into strips measuring 1/2 inch by 2 inches. 

Remove the back of the sticker paper, exposing the sticky side. Place the top of the toothpick on the center of the sticky side. Join the sticky halves together and repeat. 

I made 70 flags with one sheet of sticker paper. You can place your toothpicks in a little shot glass, as I did, or you can place them right on your appetizers. They also make cute cupcake toppers. Enjoy!