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Event: Cityscapes and Love Stories

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Yesterday, my friend and fellow artist, Rachael Gardner and I went gallery hopping in Chelsea. We stumbled upon the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, which is featuring "Winter Collective Part 1: Introducing Jorge Pombo," from Dec. 20 to Jan 24th. 

The first room in the gallery is filled with Jorge Pombo's collection of city paintings. In this collection he juxtaposes two to three cities on one canvas. He pulls together cities with different personalities together so they can coexist. Once the cities are on the canvas, you can't help notice their similarities. Although these paintings do not have human figures in them, they suggest histories, cultures and ultimately people.  

Jorge Pombo. Madrid/New York. Oil on Canvas. 71 x 59 in. 

Jorge Pombo. Madrid/New York. Oil on Canvas. 71 x 59 in. 

Pombo's paintings reminded me of a short film I saw recently, "Splitscreen: A Love Story," by the director James Griffiths. On each side of the screen we get to know each character by what they see: their subways, their bridges, their cities. Without seeing the actual characters, a love story unfolds.  

In the same vein I would like to offer you two more short films. These two focus more on the characters and how they share experiences and fall in love even though they are from different cities and different worlds. I hope you enjoy.