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B-Diary: Brand Board and Marketing Materials

B-DairyRaquel Busa2 Comments

What your brand looks like helps set the tone for your customer's shopping experience. The look is an embodiment of your brand values. If we close our eyes and think of Anthropologie or LLBean, we can picture their stores and catalogs, we know what they sell and more importantly, we know how their brands make us feel. The look of your brand help creates emotional connections with customers. 

My website, emails and products have a particular look. This week I took that look and created a brand board and marketing materials. I really recommend creating a brand board. It was a great exercise and it is something I will do periodically as my brand grows and develops. Not only did it help me verbalize my brand's look, but It also helped me think about what marketing materials I would eventually need for my brick and mortar shop. 

Before starting my brand board, I thought about my brand values: I value the uniqueness of objects, the source of materials, the traditional methods of production, and the innovative design. I came up with the following words that sum up my brand: earthy, sophisticated, edgy and nostalgic. Now, a brand board presents the main visual elements of your brand that help communicate these values: your logo, tag line, fonts, and images. Some boards also include colors and patterns. Use the brand board as your company's visual reference. 

Now that we have a brand board as a guide, we can create our marketing materials. You can think of marketing materials as the literature of your company. It is the way you present your products and services. I needed to create letterhead, stationary for thank you notes, promotional postcards, business cards, tags and a catalog. You may need to create other marketing materials such as posters or newsletters.

Creating a brand board is really helpful because you can pick out which logo, font, or color you need to use for a specific item you are designing. A brand board is also helpful for creating packaging materials and visual merchandising. Never be afraid to revisit the board and change it as your brand changes and grows.