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DIY: Hand Printed Card

DIYRaquel Busa4 Comments

I love getting a hand written letter or a card in the mail. But what's more special than receiving a card hand made by some one you love? Read how to make your own stamps and create your own cards.




Sharpie Marker


Watercolor paint

Paint Brush


Blank Card and Envelope 

Speedy-Cut Block

Speedball Cutters

Archival Ink

Double sided photo tape


First decide on what you would like your card to say. You can use words or images. 

Transfer the image on to the block. Since words need to be reversed when they go on the block, I rub my pencil on the word. Then I turn it over and trace the word on the block, like so:

If you need to darken the image, use your sharpie. 

Start carving away. Remember, everything you carve will appear white. Be careful! Always crave away from your fingers. 

Use watercolor to paint the surface of your paper.

This is the fun part! Blot your stamp with ink and press it down on your paper. 

Use the photo tape to secure your work of art to your card. Happy creating. :) 

P.S. You can purchase this card in the shop