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B-Diary: Vision, Mission and Values

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I have heard people say "listen to your heart" my entire life. It's a beautiful statement about learning who you really are, and who you want to become, and finally making decisions that are inline with your true self. The vision, mission and values of a company, is the company's true self. These statements make up the heart of your company and we should listen to them. Whenever I am making a business decision, they help me stay focused and keep my business on course. Below, I have defined these statements and have collected a few short videos to help you start creating the vision, mission and values statements for your business. 


A statement of where you see your business in the future. In the video below, Dr. Susan L. Reid, author of "Discovering You Inner Samurai: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Journey to Business Success," tells us that a vision statement sets the ton for your business, defines your business's future, motivates your business and defines the success of your business. 


A statement of what your company does, who its customers are and why it serves its costumers in this way. Its defines how the company is going to reach its vision. Dan Heath, an author from the sire "Fast Company," gives some great advise on how to word this statement. Watch the video below: 


A statement of what is important to the organization. I love the cartoon below from, and advertising company. The video outlines their company's values in a fun way. To read more about their values visit their about page