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Maker: Susan Jizba from The Weaver of Words

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Meet Susan Jizba, the owner and maker behind the shop "The Weaver of Words." Her beautiful writing and hand woven scarves drew me to her shop. Her works evoke a time long ago, when everything was made by hand and there was always an adventure to be discovered. Read her story below:

How did you start weaving? How did you start writing stories?

I've always been a writer. The writing came long before the weaving. I started off at UCLA Extension in the Writer’s Program. I had some success with my screen and teleplay writing including winning some awards. I almost sold one of my original TV pilots to a British Producer before the financing fell through, ABC considered hiring me as a writer, and I had industry interest in my feature specs.

Later when I was taking creative writing classes at a local community college, I found a wonderful cure for “writer’s block”. Whenever I would get stuck, I would select a few random words from a dictionary and use those words in a story.  That always did the trick.

I joined a writer’s group and we continued the practice of selecting random words to have a bit of fun including them in our stories. 

When I set up shop on Etsy and began creating treasuries, I was introduced to the Scavenger Hunt Game, in which treasuries are created using one image from a featured shop, and 15 images based on 15 words chosen by the featured shop. 

I couldn’t let those 15 chosen words go to waste, so I began writing "story snippets" using the 15 words.  My current treasuries and tales can be found on my blog.

I loved this process so very much that I decided to sell custom stories in my Etsy shop "The Weaver Of Words." 

Regarding the weaving, I’ve always been drawn to yarns, fibers and cloth. I love to feel the varied textures & savor the amazing array of color. I especially the touch of natural fibers and the muted colors that reflect the colors of the forest, the sky, the sea, the earth and all it’s flora & fauna. I have a weakness for yarn shops, and subsequently have a very large inventory of fibers on hand. 

I learned how to crochet as a child, and later to knit and weave as an adult. Being an Aries, I’m sometimes a bit impatient with the process, so weaving works best for me since it’s the quickest method of making scarves. 

How did you come to combine the two?

I think that the weaving was just an excuse for me to write another story.  When I first opened my shop "The Weaver Of Words" I would write a story for each scarf, simply because I love writing. Sometimes the colors, texture and fibers of the scarf would inspire the story, sometimes the story would inspire the scarf. 

In your about me page you mention how you love to write in the mornings. What is your weaving creative process like? How do you choose you materials? Do you start with a sketch? 

I start my weaving process by choosing yarns with textures and colors that I'm drawn to and yarns that harmonize. I don't make a sketch of the pattern, I just sort of jump into the process and let pattern emerge and surprise me. It's actually sort of exciting since I can never tell in advance how the finished scarf will look.  

What is your work space like?

 I recently moved from a tiny studio apartment into a house with my finance. I'm really excited since I now have an entire room as my writing room. I love vintage furnishings and have been having an enormous amount of fun decorating the room with gorgeous objects from the past.  I have additional pictures of my writing room and my photography at my Instagram account.

Who are your favorite authors/artists? 

I love the epic sweeping landscapes of the painter Albert Bierstadt. His painting "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains" is absolutely breathtaking. I have a print of this sublime work of art in my writing room.  I also love the mystical spiritual paintings of Susan Seddon Boulet. Her work is so incredibly inspiring. 

Thank you Susan for sharing your story and your photos with us! 

You can purchase Susan' products on Etsy. You can follow her on Instagram and her Blog