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Maker: Rasa Vilcinskaite from Rasa Vil Jewelry

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Meet Rasa Vilcinskaite, the designer and owner of Rasa Vil Jewelry. From her apartment in Lithuania, she creates amazing bead embroidered jewelry and ships her creations all over the world. Learn more about what inspires her and take a peek inside her studio below. 

What inspired you to start making jewelry? 

My jewelry career began in a very simple way. My best friend was making brooches using the soutache technique; I saw her works and immediately I admired it.  I even bought some of her pieces. After a long time, I decided to try the technique for myself and just for myself. I thought at the time that I would never make a piece of jewelry for someone else. So, I started with earrings, my favorites article of jewelry.

I started producing jewelry in 2011 and my own shop opened on February 11, 2013. So my mind changed. Now I do not work with soutache. A long time ago I was inspired by the bead embroidery technique. I currently attend jewelry lessons and I would like to produce metallic works. 

I work in a two room apartment. In one room I produce jewelry and live, in another room have my own artist’s workshop (You can view more of Rasa's paintings on Etsy). I'm a painter, now studying for my Master’s degree. So in my life there are two very strong and difference passions. 

And my cat always sits by me as I work. I love cats :)) She very rarely smiles.

Tell us about your process. What are your favorite techniques and materials? 

I usually make necklace pieces. My favorites type of necklace is the large statement necklace. I love one of a kind pieces, usually I do not want to recreate the same piece, but sometimes peoples want it and I can not say no. 

My favorite technique is bead embroidery: I love seed beads, stones beads, shells, glass beads, and belt buckles (my own signature style). I'm in love with belts buckles. 


Sometimes I purchase materials from England, but usually buy them in my city. These beads have been sent from England, in summer will produce new neon jewelry.

To what events to you envision your customer wearing your jewelry? 

Good question. Actually I never know that, but yes, I just can imagine. When I produce the jewelry, I never thinking about what kind of women will buy it, or where she would wear it. I hope my clients are very different women and girls who love fashion, strong colors, and good design. Women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and who have a strong style and and are self-confident.

How do people react to your jewelry? 

Like always you will have a good words about your designs and bad. My family is very supportive of me and my work. My mother is the best critic of my creations. She always tells me the truth whether I make mistakes are do a good job. My friends love my creation as well. Not all of them, but everyone entitled to their own taste. 

Only recently, I began to exhibit my work to strangers and make arrangements for the exhibition. So, I'm very excited because, they loved my creations. I guess, I can say that many people like my works, but they say, Lithuania is to small country for your works.

Who are your favorite artists, makers and designers? 

I have some favorite clothing designers. When I was a little girl, I fell in love with clothing design, but life has many surprises and my favorites changed over time. At this moment my favorite designer is: Manish Arora. I love her pastel tones. The second one is Joanne Petit-Frére - head accessories and a new one is Elena Slivnyak. I love futuristic design and head accessories, you can find more in my Pinterest board

Thank you Rasa for sharing your story and your photos! 

You can purchase Rasa's work on Etsy. You can follow here on Facebook and her Blog.