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DIY: Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

DIYRaquel Busa2 Comments

I have already wrapped my wife's Valentine's Day gifts with custom made paper. Sounds fancy, looks so pretty, and I was able to use materials I already had in the studio. Here's how you can make some too: 

To make the first gift wrap, roll out a large piece of plain drawing paper and paint it with beautiful washes of pink and purple. Use watercolor paint and a large round tipped brush to create this cloud like affect.

With a flat square brush, use the same hues of watercolor to paint lines across a new sheet of paper. 

Cover a third sheet of paper with hearts, using a hand craved stamp and ink pad. To learn how to make your own stamps read DIY: Hand Printed Cards

Finally, as all of the paper dries, pick out yarn and ribbon to make simple bows on your packages. I used pieces of yarn from my last crochet projects. But really the you can use anything you like. The possibilities are endless.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day.