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DIY: Craft Market Sign

DIYRaquel Busa4 Comments

I love going to craft markets to check out all of the creative ways vendors set up their booths. I've learned that a sign with your company's name and logo is really important. It helps brand your company and shows your professionalism. I have seen vendors hang their sign on the wall behind their booth like Crayon Chick, or right on their table cloth like Happy Serendipity. Making a sign like this does not have to be super expensive. Read how I created my sign by hand: 


Large Paper (you can also use fabric)


Clip Board (you can also pin or tape your paper against a wall)

Sharpie (or any other coloring supplies you would like to use. )

Home Printer

Enlarger Projector (also known as a cake projector. They cost less than $40.00 and they are fun to have around the house. I've used mine to make birthday party signs.)


Print a small version of the image you would like to enlarge for your sign. 

Place the image under your projector. 

Turn off the lights and flip on your projector. 

Focus the image on your paper. You want to make sure it's the size you want and it's positioned where you want it too. This is especially important if you are working with fabric. 

Use your pencil to trace the image. 

Color in the lettering in your sign. Erase any little stray pencil marks and you're done.