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Maker: Danielle From Alleu

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Meet Danielle, the owner and jewelry designer behind the brand Alleu. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are very delicate and minimal. I was first drawn to Danielle's work through her beautiful photography. And it's no wonder, because she worked in a photography studio before starting her own jewelry business. Read her story below: 

 What inspired you to take the leap from photography to jewelry?

Actually the decision happened over time. I was making jewelry for myself and friends. Sold some at craft shows and on big online retailers...but really had no was a hobby. Naturally I was wearing my jewelry and at work and people started to comment on it. Especially the brides, they would ask me where did I get it from and once I said it was my design they would order. Eventually from word of mouth I started selling locally and had a great response. Before I fully commit I waited about 2 years to make sure it would be a small, steady income. 

What is your creative process like? 

Creating is more like relaxing for me...I like to walk in the morning so this is one of my inspirational times...I would think of a shape...lets say a circle and in my head I would just see two intertwined textured circles symbolizing unity. So I when I get home I would get my hammer and some wire, might even do a sketch with a pencil and just follow my instinct. 

Tell us about your studio space. 

My studio space is our second bedroom that I painted in light mocca. I find that neutral tones are more relaxing to the eye. I have a small desk, computer and a work table with all my tools. To bring some color my scented candles are green and purple. I also have this big hand woven vase filled with huge white and purple decorative roses. I like to keep it simple and minimalistic. 

What is your favorite and least favorite part about running your own business? 

The non favorite part is easy – it is the paperwork, the counting and worse of all – tax season! Everything else – I love! The compliments, the calmness of creating, the endless hunt for the best shape. 

Who are your favorite artists and designers? 

I don't have a specific person I can point out. It's mostly style. I like a mixture or art and geometry...or as I like to call it - visual art. As a photographer I developed an eye for the simple, aesthetic and beautiful compositions and I look for them in all accessories I make and wear. 

Thank you Danielle for sharing your story and your photographs! 

You can follow Danielle on Facebook and Instagram. You can shop for her jewelry on Etsy