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Maker: Ima Picó From Designs By Ima Picó

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Meet Ima Picó, a Spanish visual artist and maker based in the United Kingdom. She creates beautiful digitally printed silk scarves, jewelry and more accessories. All her works are made in limited editions, each piece a work of art. Read about how her works evolved from large scale murals to delicate apparel. 

Tell us about your artistic background. 

I have a background in Fine Arts and have been a practising artist for many years before starting my own crafts company. I now combine my two passions, art and crafts. I work with digital images and over the years I have produced big murals and large-scale wall paintings that made use of digital images from manipulated photographs and printed on adhesive vinyl. I was better known for my mural installations until I started to produce limited editions of objects with a strong visual connection with my artworks. 

What inspired you to start your business? 

I love object design and as my murals are usually ephemeral, I had this idea of producing a range of products using some of the elements and images from the large-scale projects. This is how I started printing some of my art images on fabric. Now my product range has expanded and apart form the initial graffiti inspired and urban prints I added nature inspired images to my collections. As soon as I produced my first range of products I offered some local crafts shops to stock my scarves and silk accessories and was lucky enough to get accepted in a few of them. After some years of selling at brick and mortar shops and participating in crafts fairs and other similar events I decided to open my Etsy shop last summer. 

What is your creative process like? 

I find my inspiration in everyday life, nature and art and I love above all experimenting with colours. To get colour mixing right is not easy but I love trying new combinations. I've always loved bright shades, but I tend to wear a monochromatic palette, so one of the thing I decided when I started my collections was to create bold and bright designs to add this special colourful touch and to provide this little extra glow to an otherwise plain outfit.

What is your workspace like? 

I am lucky enough to have my own studio space in my house. It is a good size room at the front of the house where I get daylight during the morning and if I am lucky enough (living in the north of England) some sunshine. I got a couple of tables, one for my computer and another one to cut, sew and overlock my scarves.

Who are your favorite artists? 

Over the years I have had my preferences and they have been changing over time. In my current mood I like Niki Saint Phalle and Yayoi Kusama. But I always had a soft spot for Frida Kahlo.

Thank you for sharing your story and your photographs! 

You can purchase Ima's works on Etsy. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram