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Maker: Ieva Zumiene from Epic Linen

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Meet Ieva Zumiene from Epic Linen! Ieva and her family started their brand in Klaipeda, Lithuania. They make linen and leather products. Their leather products are one of a kind pieces. Read what inspired the family to start their business and what role each person played. 


What inspired your family to start a business?

Freedom was the key thing to start our own business. Freedom to manage our own time, freedom to plan and Schedule projects, Designs etc. Of course, the other significant fact is to offer to our customers organic, natural, eco-friendly items. The things which are close to the nature.

What role does each member of the family play in your business? 

In this business my husband and me play the main roles. We both take care about Designs but the rest tasks we have devided between two of us. My husband is responsable for material sourcing, photo shooting, production quality and packaging. The photo shooting is his hobby and he is so excited about that. I do communicate with customers and deal with our present and possible partners, curate projects and take care that everything goes smoothly and on time. This is what makes us happy – we both areinspired by simple Designs, disengagement, invaluable beauty and originality. We also have involved a friend-partner who is not our family member though and helps us with designs. 

Tell us about your work space.

We recently have moved into large studio. Before this we located in small but also comfortable premises. The new studio is awesome place to work in. Few years we have been looking for large loft space and voila! finally got it! Thrilled moment, indeed! I bet some people will understand my joy. The space is separate into Office and production premises, so we all are on the spot. Right now we have two masters working for us but in the very near future hoping to expand more and hire more professionals. 

How do you choose your materials?

We pay a lot of attention to material sourcing. It has to be natural and well-made. Mindaugas my husband picks the material and tests it before the usage. We have a few different genuine hide suppliers and brass metal fittings suppliers as well. The quality for us is the key thing. 

What is the creative community like in Klaipeda? Who are some of your favorite artists and designers? 

We love Klaipeda – the only one port in Lithuania. The most beautiful city for sure. Here are lots of creative people around us. So happy the young people are more and more involved in creativity process. We do not follow too much the ideals but we love T. Anthony, Ernest Alexander and Ralph Lauren goods.

Thank you Ieva for sharing your beautiful photographs and your story! 

You can purchase Epic Linen's work on line on their website and on Etsy. You can follow Epic Linen on Facebook