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DIY: Paper Bag with Handles

DIYRaquel Busa4 Comments

I am getting ready to sell at the Ridgewood Market and I realized that I need paper bags with handles for my customers. Today, I am going to show you how to turn an ordinary paper bag into shopping bags for your customers. 


Paper bag 6 x 12.5 in (I purchased mine at the grocery store) 



Xacto Knife


Glue Stick


Mark 8in from the bottom of you paper bag. Use your Xacto knife to cut off the top. Save this top piece. It will become the handles and support for your bag. 

Cut the top piece in half. One piece will be the actual handles and the other will be the support. 

Select a half to be the handles. Identify the seam and snip it off with your scissors. Open the piece and lay it flat. Fold it in half the long way and then fold the edges into the crease. Glue the halves together, while keeping the edges inside the fold. You will be left with a long strip of paper. Once the glue dries cut this long strip in half the short way.

The other half will be used for the support. Use your scissors to cut out the large rectangles.  

You should have the pieces shown above. 

Glue the handles on to the support as in the picture above. 

Use a glue stick to attach the support and handles to your bag. Be generous with your glue stick. 

Press the paper firmly onto the bag. Let the bag dry overnight before folding it or using it. 

You can adapt this DIY for larger bags. You can use a logo, holiday or birthday stamp to decorate the bag. Use it as a shopping, gift or goody bag. The options are as limitless as your imagination. I would love to see what you come up with!