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Maker: Toma From Toma Crafts

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These week's featured Maker is Toma from Toma Crafts. She sells vintage clothing and accessories. Most of her pieces are cut, altered and embellished into one of kind works of art for your wardrobe. Growing up in a fabric shop inspired her current endeavors. Read her story below. 

Tell us about your vintage clothing business. Do you sell strictly online? 

My shop has been active since 2013. I started hunting around Andalusia markets and was nicely surprised by what I found. At the moment I only sell through Etsy, but there's a dream about a small shop somewhere close to the seaside :)

I loved reading your about me page in your Etsy shop, where you talk about growing up in a fabric store. Please tell us more about this. 

I grew up in Soviet Union, in times when the choice of ready-made clothes was very limited and boring. But women always wanted to look unique and beautiful, no matter what :) Hence the fabric shop where my grandma worked was never empty. Women would come and tell what dress or a skirt they have in mind, they would bring pages from the magazines to get the better advice for the suitable fabric. In the same store, on the left side, they were selling shoes. I remember sitting somewhere in the corner of the fabric shelf, playing with some fabric leftovers and listening to their stories and gossip.

What inspired you to start your business?

It was my husband's idea actually. We just moved to Spain and I couldn't talk spanish yet, so it was something to keep myself busy which eventually became my job.

Tell us about your beautiful photos. How do you put the outfits together? Who are the models?

I have studied window dressing and have done it myself for few years. So putting outfits together is pretty easy. With every single item I imagine some kind of story and create a character. Once you have that image in your head, you know what mood or accessories you need :) My models are my friends, my family and myself :)

What is your workspace like?

We live in small country side house where I have 1 room converted into a walk -in wardrobe and a small office space. When I sew myself I, the terrace is my workshop. It is an open and bright space, I see the Mediterranean sea and the town in the valley. It is muy tranquilo :) !

Who are your favorite artists or designers?

Favorite designers..It is such hard question! There are so many talented people out there! 
Kenzo Takada always stood out for me, also Jean Paul Gaultier. Mary Quant was sensational and from the young designers I'd like to mention Diana Kuzmickaite and Ausra Urbanaviciute - Lithuanian designer duo, who already have won quite few awards.

Thank you for sharing you story and your photos! 

You can visit Toma's Shop on Etsy