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DIY: Mother's Day Card

DIYRaquel BusaComment

I love the way the trees fill up with flowers in May. This Mother's day, I wanted to capture some of that beauty and share it with my mom in a handmade card. I thought about pressing actual flowers, but that takes too long. I came up with the watercolor alternative that is easy to do at home. Read more below:


A little bunch of small delicate flowers. 

1 sheet of 8.5 x11 card stock

1 sheet of 8.5 x11 watercolor paper

1 envelope (can be any size)

Xacto knife





Home copier

Glue stick or double sided tape

Write here...

The first thing to do is light brush washes of color on the watercolor paper. I tried to match some of the colors in the flowers. 

The next step is to use the copier to copy the flowers onto the watercolor paper. After the watercolor paper dries, place it in the copier. Please the flowers on the glass. Remember to remove any thick braces that my scratch the glass on your copier. Also, read your copier's instructions to make sure you that the paper and flowers in the correct positions. You can experiment with black and white or color. 


After the flowers were copied, you can add another wash of color on the flowers. This works best if the ink in your copier does not run when wet. Mine ran a little, but I love the affect. :)

Cut and fold your card stock to the size that best fits your envelope. After the watercolor paper dries, cut it so that it fits nicely on your card stock. 

Adhere the watercolor paper to the card stock. 

You are all done! 

If you are left with extra painted watercolor paper, you can cut it into small rectangles and use them for gift tags. To read more about how to make recycled paper gift tags, click here.