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B-Diary: Your Brand's Image Beings with You

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When first you meet someone, that person sees you. They may have not seen your website, your store, or your product. You are the perfect sales person to promote your business! In fact, your brand's image beings with how you speak and present yourself to the world.

As much as I would like to stay home and communicate through my computer and phone, I have found that my most valuable customers have connected with me in person. At heart, I am a very shy person, but I have learned how to "put myself out there". Here are some the tips I've learned:

Be prepared: 

Being prepared, helps you feel more comfortable. Don't waste time looking for the right words. So, before you leave for a party, workshop or craft market, make sure you have these things: your pitch (a sentence or two about what your business offers) and your business cards. 

Make a great first impression:

Try to look your best at every event. Looking your best includes considering your clothes and your body language. Think about what Ivanka Trump says with her body language. She is always cool, confident and poised. Below is an interview with Janine Driver, Body Language Analyst. Driver explains how we can be perceived more confident and welcoming.  

Listen and engage with others:

Listening and engaging with others sends a very important message: I care about what you have to say. Learn about the person. Remember what the person says. Let them know that you remembered what is important to them. Did they mention their pet's name? Did they say what their favorite blog is? Ask yourself if this a potential customer? a potential business partner? or a potential great friend? 

Say what you mean:

Speak in complete sentences and say exactly what you mean. Don't leave room for guessing. And if you make a promise, always follow through. 

And last but not least, make sure to stay in touch! 

Use your best judgment on this one. You are going to know what is appropriate according to the relationship you want to form. Decide to follow each other on social media, exchange business cards or meet again.