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DIY: Tiny Sketch Books

DIYRaquel Busa2 Comments

These little booklets are great to put in a child's party bag along with crayons and candy of course :) If you change the dimensions, you can use them as a journal or note book. The possibilities are endless. Here's how I make them: 


Pretty Handmade Paper

Heavy Stock Paper (98lb or more) 

Xacto Knife


Stapler (I have a supper long one that I use for larger books. A regular stapler will work just fine for this project) 

For this project, I want each of my booklets to have 12 sheets of paper. So, I cut 6 pieces of paper into long rectangles measuring 3 by 6 inches. I cut a piece of the heavier paper into the same dimensions. You can adapt the number of pages and the size of the paper to suit your project. 

Stack all of the pages and the cover together. Then crease the booklet in the middle. Finally, staple the booklet together at the crease. 

Fold the booklet in half and trim the edges. Some edges I left alone, because I liked their rough look. 

We are all done. 

I'm going to use mine to send little love notes. ;)