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DIY: Champaign Cork Stamp and Sketch Book

DIYRaquel Busa2 Comments

You've probably noticed that I have been obsessed with sketch books lately. In last week's DIY, I went over the essentials of making a sketch book. But what about decorating it? What about giving it a funky cover? Well, I looked to see how I could that with something I already had at home. That's when I thought of creating a stamp using champaign corks. Today, I'm going to take you through how to create a champaign cork stamp, decorate your cover and put your book together. 


Champaign Cork (I had more than one on reserve just incase I made a mistake. By the way you can also use wine corks as well.) 

Ink Pad

25 Sheets of Paper

1 Sheet of Card Stock 



Xacto Knife

With your pencil, draw a design on the cork. I used a simple triangle design, but I encourage you to get more creative. Then use your Xacto Knife to cut out the pieces of cork that are not part of your design. Be very careful! 

Press your stamp on the ink pad and stamp your piece of card stock. Because the cork is not completely flat, you make have to rock your stamp back and forth to make sure that all the corners land on the page. This is going to give you a lot of cool variation. You can also read this DIY for other ways you can make a stamp. When you are all done, this decorated piece of card stock will be your cover. Cut your cover and paper into 10 x 7 inch rectangles as in the images below:

Stack all your paper together and staple it together. I like to staple my larger books three times, in the center, center top and center bottom. 

I love this part. Fold your book in half and trim the edges with your Xacto Knife and ruler. You have to press down on the rule so the book does not shift. 

That's it. We're done. You should have a personalized sketch book, decorated with your champaign cork stamp.