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DIY: Flag Garland

DIYRaquel Busa2 Comments

Flag Garlands are very happy and festive. They make great "happy birthday" and "congratulations" banners. I made a pair of garlands for my nieces, Gaby and Mila. I thought their nicknames would look great in their room. For this week's DIY, I will show you how I made them. Read more below: 


Two pieces 7 x 9 in of fabric for each flag

Bias Tape






Sewing Machine

Begin by drawing your pattern. I drew a triangle with a 5.5 in base and two equal side of 8.5 in. I added a .5 in flap to all sides. Next, cut out your pattern and trace it on to the fabric. 

Cut out two pieces of fabric for each flag. 

You can cut out letters using your scraps. I printed out Gaby and Mila's names and used the cutouts as templates for the letters. You can also draw right onto the fabric and cut out your letters. 

Use a zigzag stich to sew your letters onto the middle of the flag. 

Pin your fabric pieces together inside out, with the letter inside. 

Sew the two pieces together with two straight stitches as in the picture above. Then turn the flag right side out. 

Sew the edges with a straight stitch. This part is optional. I just like the way the stitch looks on the edges. 

Pin the flags into bias tape, as in the picture above.  I left about a foot of tape on each side of the flags. You can leave more or less tape depending on where you would like to hang the garland. 

Sew a straight stitch online the edge of the tape closest to the flags. 


And you are all done and ready to hang your flag garland. I would love to see what you make. :) Feel free to share a link below.