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DIY: An Alternative to Hemming Pants

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Last week, my wife and I had a couple of dear friends over for dinner. One of our friends, brought a beautiful pair of pants with her. The pants were too long for her, but she loved the design on the hem too much to cut it off. She came up with an ingenious alternative to hemming pants, which I will share with you below: 



Yard stick ruler

Tailor's Chalk


Sewing Machine

Matching Thread 

The first thing to do is decide how much fabric you will need to cut from the pants. My friend needed her pants to come up 3.5 inches in order to fit her comfortably.

Then, select a spot on the pants where the outer seams are parallel. I measured 21 inches from the bottom of each pant leg and made a mark using my tailor's chalk. Then I measured 24 inches from the bottom of each pant leg and made a second mark. I cut out the three inch piece from in the middle, as in the picture above. You can cut according to your measurements. Tip: Cut out half an inch less than what you really need. This is your seam allowance. 

Turn the pants inside out and pin the edges together. Make sure the patterns aline.

Sew the pieces together at a quarter of an inch from the edge. 

To help prevent fraying, open the seam and sew the little flaps down. 

Don't forget the other side. 


The right side, should look something like the picture above. 


All done. I can't wait to see how they fit her. :)