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DIY: Marinara Sauce from Scratch

DIYRaquel BusaComment

This May, our little niece gave us six little roma tomato plants. My wife and I were inspired to dedicate a portion of our summer to grow tomatoes in our back yard. It only took three months of water and love to cultivate over 100 tomatoes.  Today, we used about 65 tomatoes to make a lovely Marinara Sauce. We wanted to share the process with you:

We used 65 tomatoes to make about three quarters of a gallon of sauce. We also used a small head of garlic, seven medium sized basil leaves and salt and pepper. If you make this at home you will just need to adjust the amount of garlic, basil and seasoning you use. Make sure you constantly taste your sauce. 

Put your tomatoes in boiling water until the skin cracks. 

Very carefully, peel the skin from the hot tomatoes. 


Dice the tomatoes, making sure that you remove the stem point. 

The old school way- break up the diced tomatoes with your clean hands. 

Boil the tomatoes until the sauce thickens. 

Stir constantly!! We used an old fashioned hand cranked beater. 

In the picture above, you can see the sauce condensing. 

We used a screen lid to let the sauce cook in between stirs. 

Slice fresh garlic cloves. We got ours from the local farmer's market. 

Lightly brown your garlic in extra virgin olive oil. 

Break apart fresh basil leaves. 

Add the garlic and the basil to the sauce. Stir, turn the heat off and let sit until cool. 

Your sauce is done! If you would like to learn how we make pasta from scratch read DIY: Pasta from Scratch. Enjoy!