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Maker: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara from À La Carde

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Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Meet Hea-Mi Kim and Nova Megantara from À La Carde! They started a greeting card business centered around their love of food. Their cards are lighthearted and witty, guaranteed to make your pen pal smile :) Read about how they met by chance, learned about their quirky common instructed and started their fun and original business. 

Tell us about your background.

Hello, we are Hea-Mi + Nova aka your favorite food pun-ishers! We met our freshman year at Parsons the New School for Design and instantly became friends the moment we realized we're both only children (as silly as that sounds). Soon enough we became cupcake buddies, brunch buddies, Popeyes Chicken buddies, and the list goes on... (that probably sounds even sillier) As we grew closer through our mutual love for food, we gave one another handmade greeting cards for pretty much every holiday. There was a common theme around food and puns for not only our cards but also our jokes. Food, puns, greeting cards, sound familiar?

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

What made you take the leap and start your business? 

We attended an Etsy Craft Fair a few years back and were instantly inspired by other makers! We figured if other people can do it, why can't we? Fast forward to 2014, we researched the heck out of SEO, how to market ourselves, the Etsy platform, and also played with a bunch of different greeting card ideas. Taking advantage of our strengths, we decided to do handcrafted, food pun greeting cards!

Why is making and shopping handmade so important?

Handmade is a promise that someone dedicated to their craft made the item. This dedication not only comes from a place of authenticity but also a long thread of tradition, stories, and expertise. Making handmade items is important to us because the making comes from a genuine place. We truly believe the most honest, heartfelt messages are handwritten (and also we just love making people laugh).

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Tell us about your creative process.

Before we decide to put out new greeting cards, we try to keep two things in mind, relevancy and tradition. With that being said, we aim to not only incorporate "trendy" foods in our line but also traditional, widely known foods as well. We sketch out our ideas, scan them, lay them out on Adobe Illustrator, and print! For our handcrafted sleeves, we coordinate the negative space to the image to create a unique window for each card.

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

Photo Credit: Hea-Mi Kim & Nova Megantara

What is your studio space like?

Our studio space aka our apartments. We both studied art and design so using our apartments as a studio space is pretty much second nature to us. While it would be ideal to have our own studio, it's probably not the best time right now. Both of us have full-time jobs, and we do À La Carde as a fun side project. Maybe one day if we choose to pursue À La Carde as a full-time career, we'll look into it, but for now, we're happy with working from home.

Who are your favorite makers and artists?

Ooh we have so many but to name a few Julie Ann Art (duh! obviously), Monica Ramos, Sarah K Benning, and Emily McDowell!

Thank you ladies for sharing your story and images with us! 

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