De Raquel Manuela

Every stitch remarks on the determination of will and the element of chance. 

(de) Raquel Manuela

I was born to immigrant parents in New York City. I'm the youngest of seven. I was fortunate enough to go to prep school in Massachusetts. And ever since then, I kind of took off... By my mid 20's I had visited about 14 different countries and exhibited my art in Italy, Egypt, Uganda, and the United States. I loved the rush of experiencing an awe inspiring place or meeting people who have touched me in profound ways, despite language and cultural barriers.  

Now that I am settled down back home in New York City and have started a family, I pour all the values I have collected through my experiences into my label (de) Raquel Manuela. I value the uniqueness of objects. (de) focuses on one of a kind and limited edition production, no more than ten. I value the time it takes to make an object. The more tedious the task the more I love it. I also value the quality, source and story of materials. 

(de) Blog

(de) Blog is the place where I share stories and ideas about the handmade business world, reenforcing the reasons why one of a kind and limited edition items are so special. 

Fine Art 

My works are allegories about the way people interact with each other. When I draw lines or work with thread, I am always reminded of our slow journey across time to the present condition. Each stroke or stitch remarks on the determination on will and the element of chance. 

Artist BIO

BORN 1985 New York


Bachelors of Arts in Art History. Fordham University, Bronx, NY                                                           


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Winner of the 2009 Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance Grant for Visual Artists.


2009 Lupa. Rio II Gallery, NewYork, NY

2009 Donna: Colori ed Essenza, Palazzo Gradari, Pesaro, Italy

2009 Adjusting. The Heights Gallery, New York, NY

2008 Tracing Lucidity. The Rio Penthouse Gallery, New York, NY 

2006 Foto Nel Giardino Segreto, Castello di Spannocchia, Siena, Italy


2011 Pulse. Tache Art Gallery, 6th of October City, Egypt

2011 Drawing Connections. Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy

2011 On Edge. Mashrabia Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2011 Inaugural Exhibition. Tuckol Art Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2011 The Popular Show. The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

2010 Young Dominican American Artists. Metarte International Gallery, New York, NY

2010 Híbridos. Queens Museum of Art, Queens, NY 

2009 Sincertismo: Reinauguracion de Metarte International Gallery (MIG) de Culturarte, Dominican Foundation Culturate of New York, Metarte International Gallery New York, NY

2009 Art All Night, The Museum of Contemporary Science, Trenton, NJ

2009 Returning the Gift, The Rio Penthouse Gallery, New York, NY

2009 The Art Uptown: NoMAA 2009 Grantees in the Visual Arts, The Cornerstone Center, New York,     NY 

2008 Transitions Global Fundraiser, Club Europa, Brooklyn, NY 

2008 International Caribbean Arts Fair. THE WATERFRONT, New York, NY 

2008 BKLYN:111. Brooklyn Artist Gym, Brooklyn, NY

2007  1st Annual Talking Pictures Art Exhibition and Competition, Makerere University,  Kampala,     Uganda ** 

2007 Chiaroscuro: A Fundraising Event for SAFY, Kampala, Uganda, The Rio Penthouse Gallery, New     York, NY**

**Curated and organized by Raquel Manuela Busa

Collections: Siena Art Institute, Private Collections